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U.S. and European toy safety regulations become more stringent new

Update£º2011/4/18    Reader£º3575

Hong Kong Toy Fair has become Asia's largest toy fair, exhibitors have thousands of manufacturers, buyers from around the world is thousands. This reporter recently learned from the seminar Toy Fair 2011, Europe will begin to implement more stringent new standards for toy safety, toy manufacturers in China which will bring greater challenges.

on January 12, held a lecture entitled" New Toy Safety Guidelines" of the meeting, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said the main in the industry and regulatory bodies The joint efforts of the United States over the past 3 years, the safety of commercially available toys have been significantly improved, especially in terms of lead.

She listed a group of figures, 2008 U.S. 172 toy recalls, there are 19 cases because of high levels of lead; to 2009 year, reducing to 50 the number of recall cases in which the recall because of lead exceeded nine, the number of recalls in 2010 further reduced to 44, only 3 cases of lead exceeded since.

Despite significant progress, Putnam Baum said, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's ultimate goal is to" free" toys. The Committee is continuing to seek the views of all parties now to decide whether from August 14, 2011 implementation of the new standards for lead content - reduced from the current 300PPM to 100PPM.

if implemented, the new standard will be the world's most stringent standards for lead content in toys. For antimony, arsenic, barium, chromium, selenium and other heavy metals, the Commission is also actively, in order to get more scientific basis, which set safety standards for children also.

Putnam Baum said that the U.S. market in 2010 many of the toys recalled because of design defects," toy itself or it could be separated some are children placed in the mouth, leading to suffocation."

in the United States, toys and suffocation deaths are mostly related. Putnam Baum said the United States 30 years ago on the development of small parts of toys, regulatory standards, many child safety organizations, the United States that these standards are not sufficient to eliminate danger of suffocation, some U.S. states have enacted more stringent than federal law the terms of the restrictions on small parts of toys.

She called toy designers and toy manufacturers to take full account may be" misused" the risk arising," we must plant safety the birth of each toy into each step."

is not just the United States in raising awareness on toy safety requirements, Chinese toys, another important market, Europe will this year July 20 start implementation of the new toy safety directive. Technical Committee Chairman of the European Toy Association said it would be implemented," the EU new directive on toy safety," the production of toys made more stringent material performance requirements, restrictions on certain heavy metals from 8 to 19 species, 66 of the first banned or restricted sensitization of the aromatic species, including 55 disabled, 11 when the content exceeds 0.01%, to be identified, but clearly the chemical composition of toys, materials to be dangerous substances with the European Union on the classification, packaging and labeling requirements are consistent.

Furthermore, the new directive on toys, mechanical, physical and health requirements for some changes, but also stressed the warning label and manufacturer responsibility. Warning label for the specific implementation details will be issued a guidance document, a clear responsibility of the manufacturer and the importers and distributors of requirements.

2010 years in China and Hong Kong for the U.S. market to offer 90% of the toys produced in China in the European market accounted for 80% of toys . The implementation of these new security regulations, the Chinese toy manufacturers will undoubtedly bring more challenges.

how to effectively respond to these challenges? The world's largest toy manufacturer, one of the OEM Jetta Tan Wei Director systems management group seeking the view that China's toy industry has developed rapidly over the past 20 years, but little is known about the knowledge of chemistry, many large manufacturers are also large-scale U.S. and Europe in 2007 Chinese-made toys recalled only when the establishment of their own chemical laboratory.

He believes that the face of European and American toy composition is more complex and stringent requirements, the Chinese toy industry is bound to strengthen the chemical knowledge and information, the next 5 years, should absorb a lot of chemical engineers to help enterprises cope with, and build their own chemical information database.

Second, the toy manufacturer as soon as possible and their raw materials and component suppliers to establish close cooperative relationship in order in the product composition testing and labeling gained more information, thus reducing part of the additional cost.   Tel:+86 754 86386333   Fax:+86 754 85886900   
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