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Oman:Stricter Toy Safety Standards

Update£º2011/4/18    Reader£º4200
 At the beginning of the new year, Oman Commerce and Industry Department announced to formally carry out the common toy quality authentication system of Gulf States (GCC) to prevent unsafe or low quality imported toy to enter Oman market from the year of 2011.
      It is said that, this verification system for toys that developed by the GSO-Gulf StandardisationOrganization can ensure the toy quality of being imported into the GCC and being produced in the GCC can meet GSO safety standards. The main content of the standard is to limit the use of harmful chemicals and dangerous fillers and reduce the noise of toys, thereby reducing the risk of children being hurt. From then on, every batch of toys imported into Oman are required to issue a certificate to attest to its quality and safety standards meeting the requirements of 577/1995 GSO; after being validated, they toys can be introduced into the market. Any toy that does not meet GSO safety standards cannot be sold in Oman and other Gulf countries markets.
      On October 24th, 2010, aToy Standard Assessment Seminar of Gulf Countries was held in Oman and GSO toy quality verification system was introduced to the participating importers, manufacturers and quality inspection departments, and started trial operation in Oman with a satisfactory result.
      According to GSO new standards, toys sold in the Gulf states toy market should have guide of safe use in Arabic, clear tag of danger suggesting and eye-catching trademarks and business address. Importers also need to deliver the imported toy samples for inspection; recall substandard products and keep testing records of the substandard product; and inform monitor results to the dealer. National authorities (i.e. Standards Metrology Authority) have the right to claim any technical data of imported toys; toy producers have the responsibility and obligation to provide these materials at any time. Manufacturers and importers should also work with the competent authorities to take action to eliminate the risk of unsafe toys that have already entered the market.
      According to the data of Oman Ministry of National Economy, in 2009, Oman's toy market scale is 6.97 million rials (about 18.12 million US dollars) and almost all are imported products. The UAE is its largest importer country and in 2009, the imports amounted to 16.3 million US dollars. China is the second with imports of 1.28 million dollar, followed by the United States, of which imports are only 79,000 dollar.   Tel:+86 754 86386333   Fax:+86 754 85886900   
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